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Update to the Update:
Thanks to Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone obviously without whose forebearance for my rather cavalier attitude to copyrights and trademarks etc. this site would long ago have disappeared. (They are the original authors of the Fighting Fantasy series amongst other credentials). Additionally I cannot believe it’s taken 20 years to even mention their names on this page. I guess I took it as read you would know who they are if you are here…


FightingFantasy.Net supports and encourages amateur and professional works of technical, writing and illustrative endeavours in the gamebook world wherever it can.  We host several sites on a not-for-profit basis (i.e. free) – if you are somebody with either an existing site looking for a new ‘net home, or have an idea you want to start on the ‘net that is gamebook related please contact us to discuss the possibility of setting your idea up/moving home.

FightingFantasy.net (originally FightingFantasy.org) began life in 1999, and is currently entirely developed and run (sporadically and over ridiculously long periods of time) by me, Beeblbrox – though since I have tons of ideas for the site anybody with even the most basic knowledge of HTML or net technology generally is more than welcome to apply to run or even develop aspects of the site.  Those without any knowledge of HTML but knowledge of gamebooks are welcome to contribute articles and pages (I’m on the look out for a site editor).  Update 28/5/16 – thanks to a number of friends new and old that have volunteered to assist in playtesting the new system.


If you wish to send an adventure for coding up please feel free to contact me at the details below.  If you are an author of any material already published and wish to correct any particulars or contact me for any other reason please also email me as detailed below.


If you wish to contact me just send an email to anything ‘at’ fightingfantasy.net – it will get to me, or use the contact form on the contact me page, or make an account and post a comment, or go to the forum and make a post… All comments are welcome.


Some copyright stuff I suppose is needed, obviously ‘Fighting Fantasy’ itself is copyright of whoever is running the printed franchise right now likewise Lone Wolf etc.

All amateur adventures are copyright of their respective authors (contact details are available on request and will be made more available when I get my system more comprehensively detailed though some of the adventures have contact information in the credits section upon terminating an adventure).  Since my sources for the adventures sometimes do not include contact information I regret I have not been able to seek publishing permission prior to publishing and will of course immediately remove any adventure an author does not wish to see published here on request.

The cover art for the site is by my good friend Lee Hunt, illustrator, you can view his portfolio and contact information at https://leehunt.carbonmade.com/

The languages and definitions of, ABML and SEL are copyright of me, 1999.  Feel free to use them as much as you like wherever you like but full creditation must be given to this site when used/implemented anywhere but here.

I’ll look up more correct copyright terminology and details if/when it ever becomes significant.

About Me:

Like many I discovered Fighting Fantasy as a teenager in the early eighties, and even attempted writing my own FF Gamebook adventure series (I reached over 800 references on my first book of a planned 7, handwritten in school notebooks.  Ah, nostalgia.  Book and plans lost through life’s ups and downs.  Oh well.)

Since leaving Uni in 1997 (where I failed to complete a Computer Science degree, more ups and downs of life) and subsequently learning a little about the CGI (Common Gateway Interface, the standard interface for basic interactive websites) in one of my employments I thought it would be fun to see what I could do with what knowledge I had gained from my studies applied to something I still harboured affection for.  Here it is, so far.  Learned a hell of a lot along the way too, and look forward to learning more.

Obviously I wasn’t christened Beeblbrox.  And I do know Beeblbrox is correctly spelled Beeblebrox, but that’s not much use if you’re chatting on the Undernet IRC Network in 1998 since it had a 9 character limit on nicknames.  It’s just kind of stuck since.  There’s quite a few Beeblbrox’s around on the net now. in various places.  You never know, one of them might be me 🙂

With thanks and in memory of Dave Roberts, my college programming tutor at Hastings College of Arts and Technology who taught me everything I needed to really get started with programming.

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