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What is Fighting Fantasy?
Fighting Fantasy is a series of adventure gamebooks, originally written by the authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (may their Stamina never fail), and subsequently by a number of other authors under the Fighting Fantasy banner
What are adventure gamebooks?

Adventure gamebooks are stories that are interactive adventures. You read the story, but at occasional (often frequent) moments you are asked to make choice between a number of options, and have to turn to the corresponding page number to carry on the story from the choice you make. This means one book that has a plot, but each story will be unique as you make different choices through it, and usually different endings. In a great deal of adventure gamebooks there is usually only one path that will lead you to a happy ending – the others tend to be not so happy (and sometimes grisly!)
So this is a site for Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks?
No, this is a site for ALL adventure gamebooks. That happens to include Fighting Fantasy, although you will probably not find this site as detailed or informative on specific gamebooks series as dedicated sites, such as FightingFantasy.Com
So this is just a fan site?
No, this site is designed to host to fully fledged interactive stories that any visitor can play, as well as an online interactive game designer so that you can create your own stories for the community to play

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  1. I can’t play any of the adventures- it keeps saying “User name not recognized” even though I registered and created an account. What should I do?

    1. I am unable to investigate the issue you are experiencing presently due to personal circumstances, can you give me any more information so that when I am in a position to look into it I may have a clearer starting point? I take it the sign up worked else you could not have posted this comment? My existing accounts work fully.

    2. Hi again,

      I have just created a new account to see if I can replicate your problem, and am able to play adventures on both the new and old systems. Until I have access to the play system files (which I presently do not have) I will be unable to investigate your problem any further. If you can send me a private message with your password (on this WordPress frontend) this may help as I will be able to see the error directly myself and investigate further from there, though I understand you may be loathe to do this – in this case please try creating another account and see if the error occurs with that one.

    1. Occasionally yes. The core work is done and there are a number of adventures available to play with a system/language to allow anyone to make their own of any game system they want which was my original objective. There’s a lot of work that could be done to improve many aspects of the site, and many adventures on my disk that could be added to the list. If I actually get some reasonable level of interest in the site I may return to developing it further. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen though.

  2. You could start by having the date/time of the posts on the forum, at least the date to see how recent your reply was. I have a question: Can I write a story based on the “Elder Scroll’s-Skyrim” game? offcourse all the copyrights would go to the creators of the names, and perhaps I could make up most of the places. Anyway, with all that SOPA and ACTA deal, I’m not sure if it would be possible. Thank you for this awsome site!

    1. I have never seen the game you mentioned though I should imagine a simple potted conversion of the fundamental mechanics into a simplified statistical representation is perfectly possible, if hard work knowing the depth involved in modern MMORPG’s. And thank you for the extremely kind words about the site, positive feedback is very welcome right now.

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