Gamebook Resource Sites

Gamebook Resource Sites


I ought to pack up my coding bag and go home really… Inkle – a highly developed developers tool for gamebook writing and publication.  Yet to try it at the time of writing but seen enough screenshots and writer reviews to know it doesn’t need me to tell you it’s good sh*t.

Tin Man Games

Official App developers of Fighting Fantasy and many other Gamebook Apps and buckets of other stuff.  Frankly if you found us and not them I want to know what rock you live under.

Wikipedia on Gamebooks

An excellent entry on gamebooks is on wikipedia, some extremely surprising history going back to the 50’s in educational uses and further.

Stuart Lloyd on Gamebooks

Gamebook author and long time fan writer Stuart Lloyd has his own site and kickstarter – check it out here.

Mithrandirs’ Gamebook Grotto

Another personal website by a gamebook fan, largely featuring a very extensive collection of gamebook cover scans and introduction texts – many that I had forgotten I once owned myself! Nicely presented too.

Demian’s Gamebook Webpage

An awesome (and I use the word advisedly) database of information, reviews, cover scans and a searchable database of authors/titles/illustrators etc. If you are looking for some information about a gamebook the chances are it’s here. The site is also highly browser-independant.

Site dedicated to selling gamebooks and only gamebooks! Reviews of each series also, and a webmaster with a sense of humour that makes the read worthwhile even if you know all about the series.

Yahoo Directory for Interactive Fiction

Pretty much as it says on the box – all of the sites registered in Yahoo’s ‘categories’ (more exclusive than a regular search) as Interactive Fiction

Google Directory for Gamebooks
As with Yahoo, Google also has a ‘category’ section for gamebooks. Google’s is more comprehensive however and has sub-categories for the more popular series’ of gamebooks such as FF and Lone Wolf

Molochs Gamebook Garden

A Yahoo community group dedicated to gamebooks if you are a hardcore gamebook fan you may want to have this on your favourites list just in case something interesting pops up.

QML – Quest Meta-Language

It seems I was not the first one with the idea to make a Gamebook Language. QML is a correct implementation of XML syntax, and has a downloadable editor to make it easier to create adventures using QML. Making your adventures playable online is a bit trickier however, although you can distribute the adventures as a download, although the webmaster will host some adventures for you if you ask direct.

The Outspaced Shrine

Homepage of Simon Osborne, author (Curse of the Yeti is hosted here) and contributor to Project Aon, articles, scans, solutions, walkthroughs, flowcharts, and other goodies to be found here.

Update: The Outspaced Shrine is now hosted as a subdomain of If you think you might like some webspace and an email address with the name contact me on the forums.

Project Aon

Joe Dever granted licence for his entire library of Lone Wolf books to this project for reproduction on the internet! Much painstaking work being undertaken here to ensure that this collection is properly represented online for all to enjoy while adhering to the best of internet document standards.

Click Your Poison

Review pending

Way of the Tiger Playthrough Challenge Blog

Definitely worth your time if you have come across the difficult and hard to find Way of the Tiger series and are interested in somebody else’s experience of trying to complete it honestly.


If you wish to submit a site for review, or are the owner of a reviewed site and wish to correct details of a particular review, or to report a dead link, please drop a note on the forums

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