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UTF-8 Finally…

The ongoing battle for utf-8 compliance seems to be near an end. The litter of microsft cp1252 characters left strewn throughout legacy adventure references (giving rise to the \x93 marks etc.) have been cleared up thanks to some help from There are stil occasional but thankfully very infrequent anomolies left. All newly created references are saved and loaded in utf-8 in the editors, hopefully that will be an end to the whole poxy business.

New tag, new attribute for tti tag, and tti tag fixed

There is a new ‘tts’ tag enabling you to calculate your reference destinations with script data (SEL here).  The tti tag has also been expanded with this functionality with the addition of a new attribute, see the ABML reference for details on both additions.  Also tti was broken unbeknownst to me due to my most recent major changes (the bookamrk attributes etc.) this has now been fixed.  Lastly the SEL @argv array has been expanded see SEL constants and variables for details.

New Tag Attributes

The <tt> family of links (<tt>, <tti> and <rtt>) have been significantly updated with new attributes and an alteration to the enforce attribute. Please see the reference for details, also note there is a new @argv data array for SEL making the current reference available to SEL code, see SEL Variables and constants for details.