Bug Reports:

For my own reference, though please add yours/contact me if you find one I will update this page.

1) The double bracket bug

&print “You rolled: “.&diecharhtml(($skill-6),”200%”).” for your Skill\n”;

This ALWAYS reports a roll of 2 for some reason and does not invoke the function &diecharhtml. This indicates a problemwith doubled brackets since removing the double brackets thusly:

&print “You rolled: “.&diecharhtml($skill-6,”200%”).” for your Skill\n”;

Behaves as expected.


2) ABML comments ( <!– –> )

Not working. Priority, medium

3) Replay Book option is available on Shared Pages when Credits are Shared. No idea how serious this is so probably very.

4) ABML Attributes currently only accept double quotes, this has caused me to trip too many times and needs addressing to single quotes as well.

5) SEL functions sometimes fail to execute due to unclosed braces without erroring. This is highly annoying and frustrating. But not critical.

6) Override needs to be addressed somehow. Hidden IF’s appear when override is present, particularly annoyinmg for combat deaths. Importance: minor-ish.

Straight outta Blacksand

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