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Single Login

Using the Login on the Forum or the CMS will log you in everywhere on the site. I hope. Works for my accounts. If you have problems let me know.

Edit: I have already encountered a glitch in the single user access to the Gamebook area, but have been unable to recreate it. If you get an ‘incorrect SID/UserName’ error on a whitepage please let me know what you did if you can remember.

Signups re-opened

New users may now create new accounts with the play area again.  Any new accounts will also be automatically added to the CMS and New Forums databse.  No signing up 3 times for one site around here 🙂

(Mind you please note that at this time if you have lost your password and use the retrieve password facility of the CMS/Forum the play area password will NOT be updated, contact me)

Existing Users Added to CMS/Forum Database

If you were already a member of the play area of FightingFantasy.Org you should now find your Login and Password for the play area also works on the new Forum and this area of the CMS (i.e. you can comment on posts like this one using your play area login).

Some users may want to log in and check their email adress settings – since there was duplication of email addresses in some users accounts I had to use dummy addresses in the database update for these accounts.

I’m sorry to say I have been unable to transfer details for some 20 user accounts (I do not know which ones), due to technical issues.  If you find you are unable to login to this new front end with your play area account you may be one of those affected – please email me or create another account here and let me know (note this is important if you wish to continue using your play area account as account verification will depend on this in the future)