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Gates of Death – A Long Expected Party?

A final decision has been made it would seem by a much esteemed member of the FF community Mark Lain (cba to write you an internal link we got menus): Overall – may well disappoint those expecting something written in the 80’s – for a new generation – who knows? Read between the lines I would advise – this is a stonker of a review and much emphasis has been placed on Higsons succesful and generous use of ‘looping’ in a gamebook – this is NO MEAN FEAT I can assure you as someone who has coded up these adventures repeatedly. ! or 2 loops may be found in many gamebooks – but – actually making use of the many loops essential??? Mindblowing. Niiiiiiiiice. There are other major head re-aligning concepts I am gagging to tell you that are required to complete the gamebook, but you may not want spoilers. Read at leisure in a Port of Your Own Peril 🙂

New Adventures

Over the past couple of months I have added 3 new adventures, Jam Hirons ‘Lair of the Lunatic’, and Mark Lains’ ‘Honour and Glory’ and ‘Legacy of the Vampire’, as well as several adjustments to the system which you probably will not notice – apart from the lovely new illustration for our Login page courtesy of Lee Hunt. Enjoy.

We are not alone…

After many years of having run this place almost by myself (thanks to Alexander Ballingail for stepping in once when I was incapacitated), welcomes on board Kevin Abbotts who will be assisting in tending to day to day administration of the site – as well as making those bookmarks we’re sure you enjoy.  Thanks for helping out Kevin, may your Stamina never fail!  (I’ll get round to updating the ‘About Us’ page soon)