Creditations and Copyrights

Coming soon…. (this means at least 3 years) In the meantime:


Site Management & Development

Jason Archer


Illustrators and Artists

Malcolm Barter

Mike Tenebrae

Lee Hunt


Authors and Writers

Individual Adventure Authors credited on and within each adventure in the gamesystem


General Thanks to:

Steve and Ian (obviously)

The Facebook Fighting Fantasy fanclubs

So many Perl programming communities I couldn’t even begin to recollect them all

YOU the Hero, for actually reading this.

erm… hopefully we will be adding to this list as and when we get digged in the ribs to do so.


Contact information and links to sites and emails etc. to follow please use our contact form if you need to reach anyone in the meantime and I will pass along anything relevant.

Copyright: All original material is copyright of every respective author and or illustrator and may not be reused without permission.

The language and definitions of ABML disambiguation: Adventure Book Meta Language) and SEL (Simple Expression Language, may require clarification as to use within this site since I doubt I’m the first to come up with that one) are free under public license and all that stuff, just throw us a decent link somewhere.

“Fighting Fantasy” is TM and Copyright of the current publishers and Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.


If we ever make a halfway decent dime on this thing I’ll pay a lawyer for all the correct terminology for you.

Straight outta Blacksand

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