From the Shadows

Written by: Sylas, Cobb Webb, Al Sander, Khaxzan, Odo_ital, Archmage, Victor Cheng

Play Book – uncompletable – (currently registered users only, must be logged in, link will present unfriendly page if you are already playing this book – just select continue)

Play references: 400

Development Status: Turn-To only format (character tracking and combat etc. must be done manually).  Hidden turn-to instructions currently prevent full turn-to implementation (I need to solve them myself first!)

Full playtesting required for bugs. Please report any you find.


Adventure bugs:

5 references have no inbound link and do not appear to be part of any secret code or riddle.  It is quite possible that this adventure is not completeable even as a turn-to only play until the authors can help track these possible bugs.

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