Written by: Gavin Mitchell

Play Book – uncompletable – (currently registered users only, must be logged in, link will present unfriendly page if you are already playing this book – just select continue)

Play references: ?

Development Status: Needs game mechanics rewrite and updating since this was first attempt prior to new facilities.

Full playtesting required for bugs. Please report any you find.


Adventure bugs:

2 thoughts on “Outsider”

  1. Just came across this as I have been working on editing it too. I have managed to fix all mistakes (that I have come across) but they would not work with this doc. as the whole system and stats have been changed. Once I’m finished I’d love someone to test it but I would need to OK that with Gavin first. I would also love to know what you have edited/added… feel free to get in touch, email, telegram, intercom… whatever.

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