Published Books is currently mainly dedicated to the efforts of amateur authors and the gamebook fanbase generally, however it wouldn’t be complete without some mention of the official published series. So here we are:


(Table lifted from the Wikia entry for Fighting Fantasy read a lot more about the published series there!)

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks – Puffin
Title Author(s) Illustrator Cover illustrator Map illustrator First published Flowchart Solution (courtesy of The Outspaced Shrine)
1 The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Steve Jackson
& Ian Livingstone
Russ Nicholson (1st)Peter Andrew Jones
(2nd)Peter Andrew Jones
NO MAP 27-Aug-1982 Solution
2 The Citadel of Chaos Steve Jackson Russ Nicholson (1st) Emmanuel
(2nd)Ian Miller
NO MAP 31-Mar-1983 Solution
3 The Forest of Doom Ian Livingstone Malcolm Barter Iain McCaig Malcolm Barter(BW) 31-Mar-1983 Solution
4 Starship Traveller Steve Jackson Peter Andrew Jones Peter Andrew Jones NO MAP 01-Sep-1983 Solution
5 City of Thieves Ian Livingstone Iain McCaig Iain McCaig NO MAP 01-Sep-1983 Solution
6 Deathtrap Dungeon Ian Livingstone Iain McCaig Iain McCaig NO MAP 29-Mar-1984 Solution
7 Island of the Lizard King Ian Livingstone Alan Langford Iain McCaig Alan Langford(BW) 29-Mar-1984 Solution
8 Scorpion Swamp Steve Jackson (2) Duncan Smith Duncan Smith NO MAP 27-Sep-1984 Solution
9 Caverns of the Snow Witch Ian Livingstone Gary Ward
& Edward Crosby
Les Edwards NO MAP 24-Oct-1984 Solution
10 House of Hell Steve Jackson Tim Sell Ian Miller NO MAP 22-Nov-1984 Solution
11 Talisman of Death Jamie Thomson
& Mark Smith
Bob Harvey Peter Andrew Jones NO MAP 06-Dec-1984 Solution
12 Space Assassin Andrew Chapman Geoffrey Senior Christos Achilleos NO MAP 28-Feb-1985 Solution
13 Freeway Fighter Ian Livingstone Kevin Bulmer Jim Burns NO MAP 28-Mar-1985 Solution
14 Temple of Terror Ian Livingstone Bill Houston Christos Achilleos NO MAP 25-Apr-1985 Solution
15 The Rings of Kether Andrew Chapman Nik Spender Terry Oakes NO MAP 01-May-1985 Solution
16 Seas of Blood Andrew Chapman Bob Harvey Rodney Matthews Bob Harvey(BW) 25-Jul-1985 Solution
17 Appointment with F.E.A.R. Steve Jackson Declan Considine Brian Bolland NO MAP 26-Sep-1985 Solution
18 Rebel Planet Robin Waterfield Gary Mayes Alan Craddock NO MAP 21-Nov-1985 Solution
19 Demons of the Deep Steve Jackson (2) Bob Harvey Les Edwards NO MAP 30-Jan-1986 Solution
20 Sword of the Samurai Mark Smith
& Jamie Thomson
Alan Langford Peter Andrew Jones NO MAP 24-Apr-1986 Solution
21 Trial of Champions Ian Livingstone Brian Williams Brian Williams NO MAP 26-Jun-1986 Solution
22 Robot Commando Steve Jackson (2) Gary Mayes David Martin NO MAP 25-Sep-1986 Solution
23 Masks of Mayhem Robin Waterfield Russ Nicholson John Sibbick Dave Andrews1(C) 30-Oct-1986 Solution
24 Creature of Havoc Steve Jackson Alan Langford Ian Miller Dave Andrews(C) 20-Nov-1986 Solution
25 Beneath Nightmare Castle Peter Darvill-Evans Dave Carson Terry Oakes Dave Carson(BW) 26-Feb-1987 Solution
26 Crypt of the Sorcerer Ian Livingstone John Sibbick Les Edwards Leo Hartas(C) 09-Apr-1987 Solution
27 Star Strider Luke Sharp Gary Mayes Alan Craddock NO MAP 28-May-1987 Solution
28 Phantoms of Fear Robin Waterfield Ian Miller Ian Miller NO MAP 29-Oct-1987 Solution
29 Midnight Rogue Graeme Davis John Sibbick John Sibbick Steve Luxton(C) 19-Nov-1987 Solution
30 Chasms of Malice Luke Sharp Russ Nicholson Les Edwards Steve Luxton(C) 10-Dec-1987 Solution
31 Battleblade Warrior Marc Gascoigne Alan Langford David Gallagher Leo Hartas(C) 25-Feb-1988 Solution
32 Slaves of the Abyss Paul Mason
& Steve Williams
Bob Harvey Terry Oakes Leo Hartas(C) 17-Mar-1988 Solution
33 Sky Lord Martin Allen Tim Sell Les Edwards NO MAP 09-Jun-1988 Solution
34 Stealer of Souls Keith Martin Russ Nicholson David Gallagher Leo Hartas(C) 28-Jul-1988 Solution
35 Daggers of Darkness Luke Sharp Martin McKenna Les Edwards Leo Hartas(C) 10-Oct-1988 Solution
36 Armies of Death Ian Livingstone Nik Williams Christos Achilleos Leo Hartas(C) 01-Dec-1988 Solution
37 Portal of Evil Peter Darvill-Evans Alan Langford David Gallagher Leo Hartas(C) 23-Feb-1989 Solution
38 Vault of the Vampire Keith Martin Martin McKenna Les Edwards Steve Luxton(C) 13-Mar-1989 Solution
39 Fangs of Fury Luke Sharp David Gallagher David Gallagher Steve Luxton(C) 27-Jul-1989 Solution
40 Dead of Night Jim Bambra
& Stephen Hand
Martin McKenna Terry Oakes Leo Hartas(C) 02-Nov-1989 Solution
41 Master of Chaos Keith Martin David Gallagher Les Edwards Leo Hartas2(C) & BW) 29-Mar-1990 Solution
42 Black Vein Prophecy Paul Mason
& Steven Williams
Terry Oakes Terry Oakes Leo Hartas(C) 26-Jul-1990 Solution
43 The Keep of the Lich-Lord Dave Morris
& Jamie Thomson
David Gallagher David Gallagher Leo Hartas(C) 04-Oct-1990 Solution
44 Legend of the Shadow Warriors Stephen Hand Martin McKenna Terry Oakes Leo Hartas(C & BW) 18-Mar-1991 Solution
45 Spectral Stalkers Peter Darvill-Evans Tony Hough Ian Miller Leo Hartas(C) 25-Jul-1991 Solution
46 Tower of Destruction Keith Martin Pete Knifton Terry Oakes Leo Hartas3(C) 31-Oct-1991 Solution
47 The Crimson Tide Paul Mason Terry Oakes Alan Craddock Leo Hartas4(BW) 30-Jan-1992 Solution
48 Moonrunner Stephen Hand Martin McKenna Terry Oakes Leo Hartas(BW) 26-Mar-1992 Solution
49 Siege of Sardath Keith P. Phillips Pete Knifton Les Edwards Leo Hartas(BW) 28-May-1992 Solution
50 Return to Firetop Mountain Ian Livingstone Martin McKenna Les Edwards Leo Hartas(BW) 30-Jul-1992 Solution
51 Island of the Undead Keith Martin Russ Nicholson Terry Oakes Russ Nicholson(BW) 30-Sep-1992 Solution
52 Night Dragon Keith Martin Tony Hough Tony Hough NO MAP 27-Jan-1993 Solution
53 Spellbreaker Jonathan Green Alan Langford Alan Langford Alan Langford(BW) 24-Feb-1993 Solution
54 Legend of Zagor Ian Livingstone Martin McKenna Jim Burns
& Martin McKenna
NO MAP 30-Jun-1993 Solution
55 Deathmoor Robin Waterfield Russ Nicholson Terry Oakes NO MAP 03-Mar-1994 Solution
56 Knights of Doom Jonathan Green Tony Hough Tony Hough Jonathan Green(BW) 27-Oct-1994 Solution
57 Magehunter Paul Mason Russ Nicholson Ian Miller NO MAP 02-Feb-1995 Solution
58 Revenge of the Vampire Keith Martin Martin McKenna Les Edwards Jonathan Green(BW) 25-May-1995 Solution
59 Curse of the Mummy Jonathan Green Martin McKenna Martin McKenna Jonathan Green(BW) 26-Oct-1995 Solution
The following Solutions are provided though the ‘canon’ or whatever you want to call it is a matter of debate regarding the published series – see the Yahoo mailing list on the links page if you have questions about this I didn’t follow it that closely


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