How Long is a Piece of String

Just in case anyone is interested in what I use(d) software-wise etc. for the creation of this site here is a little list as of June 2016:

A Windows XP Box (currently a Pentium 3.2 Ghz Single Core) – The site has been almost entirely developed under XP.

Web Browser – Firefox
Code Editor – Textpad (paid but license lost and resubscription needed)
Perl Interpreter – ActivePerl
FTP – Filezilla
Office Applications – Open Office
Email – Thunderbird
CMS – WordPress
Graphics Editor – Gimp
Compression Manager – WinRAR (paid once, license owned)
Flowchart Editors – GraphViz & Visio

And that’s about it.  Yeah I know the site aint quite World of Warcraft but it’s not bad for a shoestring.  The only real investment monetarily has been my shared hosting (thankyou hostforweb for being awesome suppliers) and domain names.

Almost all free, shareware etc. Long live the free internet… and the shareware will get some dollars out of me one day I swear…  Feel free to send me a donation to so I can buy/contribute to any of the above projects and keep this project going.

Straight outta Blacksand

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