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Tidy up page located at

– I have come up with a simple-ish design and am consulting an illustrator next week (23rd March 2017) to actually do the graphics for me.  WIll update this post when the final design is in place.

OK the design is in place but the implementation is far from final, hope it’s good enough 😉

Looking good, love the share button and the visual aspect now, just need to sort out the text at the top. (20.03.2017)

Yep am thinking about it.  The page also looks god awful in older browsers (i.e. on my Samsung 4) it’s completely ruined without CSS3 support so I will have to try and make a plain text link or something for them. (21/3)

fix “abandon adventure” button when clicked twice
returns error – Probable refresh detected. Any option resubmitted not executed. Continuing refreshed from last known action.

– Fixed.  There is now a new error message specifying that we know you have tried to abandon an adventure twice but that we really ought to just remove the option completely once an adventure has ended.  Life just isn’t that simple though.  I hope the new message is more satisfactory.  Beeblbrox

OK, I see the message, and it would be good to have it removed once it’s already been clicked but like you say, if it’s not that simple then it can just stay. (20.03.2017)

No you’re right in the long run it needs addressing.  But I don’t consider it priority.

remove link to

– Dealt with, Beeblbrox

during an adventure it has a  box to the left here it says “write your character info here”. its like its meant to be a select box and you can add text or notes.

– Beeblbrox: This is the default text for any new adventure character sheet as a prompt for the author.  I accidentally left it in on the adventure ‘Cold Heart of Chaos – Turn To only version’.  I have removed it but please let me know if it crops up anywhere else.


Ok, not found anywhere else as of yet, will keep an eye out for it. (20.03.2017)

Will change the default text to specify it’s an author message at some point as it is confusing obviously.

how to delete a book you started but want to start again from scratch

– There is a link in the adventure creator for every book you create allowing you to completely delete any book you create, this will allow you to recreate the book as you say from scratch?  I hope this is adequate – perhaps I should document interface functions somewhere on the CMS?  Beeblbrox

ADDED (20.03.2017)

When you click the Adventure Creation button on the menu, I think it would be good for that page to then link to the sub links, ie Guides, ABML Ref, SEL Ref. It currently links to a blank page. I have added a bit of text to the url so it also links to the pages which are in the sub menu.

Oh there’s pages required like that all over the shop, God knows how long it would take to make a page for each fly-out entry, I did a few but gave up the ghost after a while.  1) It’s real drudgery work 2) every time I change the menus or add to them I’ll have to change all the relevant menu pages.  Frankly it’s a feature that needs to be added to WordPress – there might even already be a plugin for it.  I cba at this time frankly, I am considering different CMS’s for different gateway addresses anyway – and am in fact considering making my own basic one somewhere.

I’ve also added the sub menu information to the sub pages:

Thanks 🙂

I think the page I created at could do with a bit of sub text added, ie where I’ve got “SEL Introduction”, maybe a line or 2 explaining what that page is about. What do you think?

Sere my comment about menu pages earlier – it would be good but it’s a lot of boring work with little payoff.

The guides page (link) has a “leave a reply” box. I don’t think it’s needed there.

This could probably also be removed on the following pages:

Contact Us
Database (in external resources)
Home page

Dunno… I live in hope someone is going to comment somewhere… anywhere… :'( lol

Is there a way to get the menu on the left to stay in place? For example when I scroll down a page, the menu goes too.

Not without learning WordPress workings and the 2014 Theme to boot. I’d rather make up my own CMS.

The Articles page (link) has text saying “articles, creating adventures… etc”. Did you intend these to link to specific areas?

Probably about the place I gave up the ghost on making menu pages…

Members Books
Where the other books page has “ collection”, this one has different bits of text in the green area, such as  “FF”, “Rising Quests”, “1”. Is this intended?

The text ‘Fighting Fantasy.Net Collection is specifically text for Hosted adventures where I have not filled out a Series entry in the Book Creation dialogue.  The banner text is ‘Series’, whatever the author decides they want to call their series so yes it is intended.  I can change this behaviour/text quite easily… but I am leaving the ‘make your own Series’ facility in, it’s just the default text that is under question.

Also on this page, the text  box with the book descriptions, can you add a small margin to the box so the text doesnt go all the way to the left.

Am trying to decide layout finalisations on that issue (obviously it’s currently not ideal) – am going to be asking the illustrator this week for his input.  Going to make it look like book page or something maybe don’t know yet.  All ideas welcome.


Still on this page, book numbers. some say #X and some #1. What are the criteria for these figures? are they per user?

the #X is Series Number – again whatever the author decides to fill that box out with in Book Creation will go here, #X is just currently the default text for books that haven’t got that entry (it’s bad but I just didn’t know what else to put there).  I wanted to make the entries for the Hosted adventures sequential by the order that I input them then realised I haven’t got a hope of remembering in what order I did them over the years.  Then there’s other issues – some are Fighting Fantasy adventures, some have their own system, some I have deliberately made ‘Turn-To only’ copy version of (i.e. no system coded).  I have to resolve how I am going to handle all these issues before I can automate any kind of numbering system.  In the meantime it’s left to manual update (as in using the book editor to add our own numbers).

In the external resources, when you hover over and click “Fantazine”, it takes you to the Fantazine website. I think that link should link to a page within and then have a link to fantazine, have it open in a new browser (also state it will open in a new browser)

Hum.  I like the diret link as it’s better from Googles point of view for Alexanders site – I don’t know what I could really put on a page that is merely a link placeholder.  I also have read that pop up windows are bad form/style (I know it annoys me) but the facdt that it jumps you out of the site without warning is a good point.  I could just doctor the menu entry to warn readers…. don’t know.  Will think.

I think once you abandon an adventure, rather than the “your account” link, I think it should say “back to books” or something, or have a link in the middle box  where it typically says “written by”

That link is going to be seriously looked at in the long run (and yes just changing it to better relfect the actual page content would be more appropriate).  The whole finising adventure/starting adventure process needs to be looked at tbh.



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