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For years readers have been enchanted by the literary storm that swept through the 80s. Perhaps you remember finding Armies of Death in the library and wondering what it was? With curiosity, you cracked open the book and found a grim world full of orcs, demons, and evil overlords and found that with the help of 6 sided dice, you have become the hero?
Since Fighting Fantasy many fans have written amateur adventures for fun and published some of their very own. Once all the Lone Wolf, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Fighting Fantasy gamebooks were won over, you looked for games ranging in all genres from horror, romance, erotica, parodies, comedy, historical, and fantasy. This is where the start of amateur adventures begin and websites dedicated to them begin.
Recently, FightingFantasy.Net has started up a new community with categories in Fantasy, Writer’s Guilds, Gamebook topics, and various other fun stuff. Check back often for updates on any new stuff from gamebook writers and gamebook readers. The forum is here for all ages to join and it’s FREE! Come down, have a pint, and talk with old friends and new friends.

Unpublished Dead Adventures

I have UnPublished a number of Community Adventures that were plainly experiemental and abandoned.  Please do not Publish your work until you feel itis worth really taking a look at by others.  If you wish to test the development state of your Work In Progress please remember to use the Your Books tab of the main play interface.

Donation Buttons For Writers

I have now implemented Paypal Donation Buttons that will send cash direct to Authors.  Please note if you are an Author of an Existing Community adventure you can edit your Book Details to add your Paypal Address, or, if you are an author of a Hosted adventure, please contact me direct with your Paypal address so that I may add it to the Book Details myself.

Custom Images for Facebook Sharing

You may now have a custom image associate with your Gamebook for sharing on Facebook. At this time I cannot realistically allow you to upload your own willy-nilly (too many scumbags out there to risk it tbh, until I get a screening process in place), however if you have written a gamebook here and have an image you want associate with your work please contact me by mail or the contact form or our FB page etc. and I will associate the picture manually.

Aplogies to existing Authors who have now seen their Share numbers vanish – the truth is the Sharing code was abysmally written (I think I was stoned) and had to have the guts ripped out of it to get the custom images working properly (and code tidied up). It ought to remain unchanged from now on.

Some New Features

1) Text to Speech is available on all game pages now.

2) You may now restart your adventure immediately upon reaching the Credits page (e.g. if you abandon or fail you don’t have to scroll all through the list to find the same adventure again).

3) Oscars Android App for is available from the Home Menu

Enjoy 🙂

p.s. I am working on an adventure by Tammy Badowski for you, currently I am at the data input stage, I *hope* to have it complete before the FFF3…

Straight outta Blacksand

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