ABML attributes may now be single quote enclosed

Until now ABML tags had to have their attributes enclosed in double quotes like so:

<tt ref=”123″>Turn to 123</tt>

Now you are permitted to alternatively use single quotes like so

<tt ref=’123’>Turn to 123</tt>

This may be useful for SEL script writers who wish to use double quotes inside their tags instead of being forced into single quote useage only (yes I am looking at making variables intrerpolate inside double quoted strings one day, all being well, this is a step toward that).

Significant Appearance Changes – please use CTRL+F5 in your Browser to see them.

The Play area and the WordPress Front End have had significant changes (WordPress now fills entire 1920px screen, the Play area is now… different 🙂 ) Normal Refreshing may not work, you will have to use CTRL+F5 to flush the CSS cache on most browsers. Mobile/Tablet users – sorry I have no idea how to help you flush your CSS cache.

Gamebooks Internationale

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Olá, Здравейте, and indeed 你好 🙂

Many will be surprised to learn that gamebooks have a big following outside of the english language. Strangely enough it is not only England and the United States that thought of Interactive Fiction!

Indeed the first I heard of this was with the French website http://www.legrimoire.net/ which contacted me quite some time ago. Shortly after I noticed that https://www.projectaon.org/ has as it’s first page langauge selection between English, Spanish and Italian (in fact I may have noticed this before even the French contacted me, it was along time ago!), so obviously something bigger thanI imagined was already afoot when I started this project.

Since then, especially with the advent of Facebook etc. it has become quite obvious that there are many many fans of Fighting Fantasy and gamebooks generally from all over the world and not just English primary speaking nations. Oscar here at https://fanbooks.fightingfantasy.net is actually based in Portugal, also on our Discord channel is Вилорп and friends from Bulgaria (he is our moderator so be good!) who will probably direct you to http://www.legacyofkreya.com/en/news to start with. Also I have just had word from our man in Ohio in U.S. and A. Guillermo about this YouTube channel and review of Gavin Mitchells Spanish publication of Outsider and fightingfantasy.net Las mejores webs de librojuegos (which is based from the site https://librojuegos.org/) which has some lovely things to say about us here :-)- at least that’s what I am told – my Spanish is no good at all 🙁

Since WordPress does have the capacity to be a multi-site CMS in theory I could make this place multi-lingual. If you are a serious developer interested in helping me do this and have another language in your personal knowledgebase please contact me. Or, if you are interested in your own port of the current gamebook engine to develop your own international site please feel free to enquire. I do not charge, all I ask is patience (a LOT of patience) and creditation.

Lastly if you have an international gamebook site and would like a link sometime (and I mean I may forget to make it for a long time) please feel free to drop me a link to your site any way you can get hold of me 🙂


Well, I don’t know where to begin with updating you on the work that has been completed and is in development since my last News update in October. Hopefully you will be a signed up member and can see the new features yourself. Here’s what I can remember off the top of my head:

  • The Randomizer is available to both visitors and members
  • The Randomizer is badly named as it also converts an entire text document of an adventure to references for you, and can save them to your book automatically, and can convert to PDF or HTML also
  • I am working on easy to use ABML buttons in the adventure editor so you don’t have to keep looking up how each tag works when coding an adventure
  • The GraphViz creator now includes extra checkers for you such as 1) Orphan checker 2) Dangly Link checker and 3) Dead End checker, making it a very powerful tool for checking the validity of your adventure before publishing on or off the site
  • Illustrations (and the associated <img> tag) are now included and operational, though you can only use existing uploaded images or must contact me with yor illustrations for your adventures at this time for obvious reasons
  • The latest new online adventure is The Altimer (our first test bed for illustrations – read and enjoy, especially the inline image puzzle! (also adapted for blind readers)), courtesy of Samuel Isaacson, which is a taster of his fully published work available on Amazon as either a digital download or printed book. I have in fact entered the entire adventure but you will find the game ends at a ‘choke-point’ in the adventure flow. If you are an author of a published work and would like to try this facility to promote your published work please contact me

Some minor other updates have been executed making fightingfantasy.net more friendly oh and we have a new artwork additions to the login page you may have noticed courtesy of mega-fan James ‘Kailo Monkey’ Kail and no less than Fighting Fantasy illustrator himself Mike Tenebrae!

Lastly my next major feature is likely to be image-map enablement – as there are a number of comic style CYOA’s I am in the process of acquiring permissions to use – you *might* know of DiceMan, a 2000 A.D. comic (that’s basically Judge Dredd for all you that need to know) which is a gamebook style comic – well basically there are some authors out there with comic adventures looking for online interactivity – and of course I am not one to shy from a challenge like that! So, watch out and keep your eyes on fightingfantasy.net for more news… 🙂

FightingFantasy.Net 2019 Gamebook Forum!

Do you want your gamebook featured on this site?
For years readers have been enchanted by the literary storm that swept through the 80s. Perhaps you remember finding Armies of Death in the library and wondering what it was? With curiosity, you cracked open the book and found a grim world full of orcs, demons, and evil overlords and found that with the help of 6 sided dice, you have become the hero?
Since Fighting Fantasy many fans have written amateur adventures for fun and published some of their very own. Once all the Lone Wolf, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Fighting Fantasy gamebooks were won over, you looked for games ranging in all genres from horror, romance, erotica, parodies, comedy, historical, and fantasy. This is where the start of amateur adventures begin and websites dedicated to them begin.
Recently, fightingfantasy.net has started up a new community with categories in gamebook topics. We are looking forward to updates on any new stuff from YOU – the writers and the readers. The forum is here for all ages to join and it’s FREE. Come down, have a pint, and talk with old friends and new friends.

Straight outta Blacksand

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