Combat Function was never broken New Expression Evaluation Bug Discovered

There is a bug with function parameters. Again. This time I have discovered that a calculation performed within passing to a function parameter list that is not parenthesised i.e. &myfunc(1,2,3,4+5,6); will not behave as expected. Please parenthesise your calculations within function parameters like so: &myfunc(1,2,3,(4+5),6); to see desired results.

I’m fairly sure this is to do with the precedence of the comma listbuilder operator being somehow incorrect. Please expect random crashing while I work on this bug.

ABML attributes may now be single quote enclosed

Until now ABML tags had to have their attributes enclosed in double quotes like so:

<tt ref=”123″>Turn to 123</tt>

Now you are permitted to alternatively use single quotes like so

<tt ref=’123’>Turn to 123</tt>

This may be useful for SEL script writers who wish to use double quotes inside their tags instead of being forced into single quote useage only (yes I am looking at making variables intrerpolate inside double quoted strings one day, all being well, this is a step toward that).

Significant Appearance Changes – please use CTRL+F5 in your Browser to see them.

The Play area and the WordPress Front End have had significant changes (WordPress now fills entire 1920px screen, the Play area is now… different 🙂 ) Normal Refreshing may not work, you will have to use CTRL+F5 to flush the CSS cache on most browsers. Mobile/Tablet users – sorry I have no idea how to help you flush your CSS cache.

Straight outta Blacksand

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