What is Beeblbrox reading?

This, and it’s absolutely everything I want so far from a gamebook, 700 references of dungeoncrawling goodness, well written, a decently thought out but simple mechanic system and beatifully presented. Mind you I am only about 20 references into exploring it – however I doubt it’s gonna go far wrong.

(No my minions, we don’t have permission to encode and publish it. One day, my adventure hungry little friends, one day…). Until then , buy your own: https://bluefoxcomics.com/products/arcane-rites-cult-of-the-pajoli-book-1-paperback

Borag Thung Earthlings

Ok, so, so far this isn’t exactly 2000A.D. of the Gamebook World, and I am hardly Tharg the Mighty. Here we are though. Zarjazz.

So it’s June 17th, 2022. I am sat almost butt naked except for my towel (yup, always know where your towel is) in my studio flat in a small town on the south coast of England wondering where on earth I can take this creaking web machine next. Having just succesfully flogged the idea of doing a blog to a good Fighting Fantasy companion (Rene Batsford, hopefully we will see his first offering with news of his upcoming gamebook shortly), it occurred to me that perhaps I should ‘smell the shit I’m shovelling’ and have a go at it myself.

Despite my handle being Beeblbrox, Tharg seems more appropriate I guess given I am attempting to bring far out adventure stories to your puny planet, as a theme for this blog. And hey, I gather in your primitive network you call the internet ‘mashups’ are all the rage these days. Personally I find them utterly abominable preferring Universe Integrity to my fiction but then, I’m not just doing this for me I guess.

Most basic stuff regarding site origins and inspirations can be found in the Creditations Page or the About Page… so I will attempt not to repeat myself here, and try to make this up to date and relevant. TBH I imagine, knowing me, that a lot of my posts will be obscure and irrelevant and sometimes even semi-psychotic – such is the price of being Hoopy. At least I haven’t crashed my starship into a sun lately anyway.

There are so many things I wish to add to the site one of my biggest problems is knowing where to actually focus myself at any one time. All I DO know is that about 6 years ago – maybe 10, it occurred to me that I am NEVER going to see the site I wish to see developed all by myself, and have so far spent a long time in an *almost* fruitless attempt at ‘acquiring and building a presence on the web with a view to teambuilding and forward processing collaborative goals’.

Excuse me I just choked on corporate buzzwords for a moment.

So, many will know me by now as a cantankerous old git with questionable ethics and an occasionally humerous outlook. Like many on that there internet I had pie in the sky notions of ‘my ideas’ being received with rapturous welcome and was appropriately sorely and sourly disappointed when I was more or less told ‘take a ticket and join the queue’, this was followed by what I can only describe as a VERY long sulk interspersed with ever more desperate attempts to get some more work done here.

And, thanks to my (real life) neighbour of 8 years now, it has gradually started sinking in that that is part of my problem – too much work and not enough play. Work IS a 4 letter word. Who the hell wants to join or even read about a crew where all you’re promised is endless internship, grind and slog? For the privilidge of hearing ‘meh, that was OK’ if you’re lucky at the end of it?

Not me that’s for sure, and I’m damn well sure it isn’t you either.

So to confound a famous quote ‘since brevity is the soul of wit, I shall be endeavouring to provide more art and less matter’ in the future. Or something like that anyway.

Do Not Use Main Editor

The so-called spiffy new editor is not as spiffy as I thought. It will destroy any code requiring literal strings surrounded by apostrophes i.e. most advanced tags will get deleted without as much as a by-your leave.

I’ve only just discovered this. My apologies of you have lost any work. I know I have lost loads. I will rectify it as and when I can recover my faith in the project.

The in-play editor works fine though. Whoop.

Various Updates

Many fixes etc. have happened:

The new Editor is mostly operational without bugs (except the advanced ABML buttons still aren’t working)

You may now edit your Adventures In-Play without having to go to the Editor now

I have stripped the unfortunate extra weird characters that came about due to a botched find and replace in all adventures (there may be some invisible ones left strewn about)…

And probably loads of other stuff since my last News update that I cannot remember. Don’t forget to join the Facebook Group (link is on the Main Menu) if you want more regular and frequent updates and other nonsense chat…

Do NOT use Editor if you are using advanced ABML tags.

A new error has arisen due to the new Editor. The <option> tag will automatically get completely stripped by the new Editor! This is because it conflicts with the existing html <option> tag which is not allowed to exist outside of forms 🙁

For the time being please do NOT load any references into the Editor that may have an <option> tag in it, or attempt to encode an <option> tag into the editor it will only leave you frustrated and annoyed.

The plan is to rename the option tag something else, and execute a major substitution on all references in the databse to the new tagname. This may take some time to do.

Major Changes

Major Changes to ABML are underway, please see the Reference text, in short at this time:

1) There are no longer ANY ‘singleton’ ABML tags, that is, tags that take the form:

<tag />

Instead now use:


2) Boolean Attributes in tags are being replaced with true/false values, that is:

<tag attribute></tag>

is becoming:

<tag attribute=”true”></tag>


<tag attribute=”false”></tag> (although this is redundant you can just leave the attribute out)

Change (1) site-wide substitutions have been made (that is, all your tags oughht to have been replaced with the new form automatically by my scripts, hopefully). Change (2) has yet to have the substitutions made, however since you OUGHT NOT to be using the Editor whilst I am making my major updates this ought not to concern you yet. Just remember the language changes for future coding.

Straight outta Blacksand

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