Bracketing handling error discovered

SEL has a now known issue with certain configurations of brackets (parenthesis).  This is a very limited situation and shouldn’t in most cases affect your code.  At the moment it has been identified:

$x=&ceil(($var)/2);  ## will not evaluate ceil

$x=&ceil($var/2); ## will evaluate ceil

… which seems to indicate a more general problem of parenthesis handling in my code somewhere.  Or maybe it’s simply parameter handling. as the expression within the parens actually evaluates fine.  I’m not sure yet.

*sighs* WordPress woes too

Dear WordPress team. Thanks for the default theme ‘2014’ update for wiping out my custom templates and function files. It’s a lot prettier and looks lovely but now the play area and signups is kaiboshed, at least until I can get round to rewriting from a very old backup a couple of files that make your system play nicely with my system. Though I have few, if any, users, you really should have known better. On the plus side I have discovered an interface to my system that uses yours I’d forgotten about so it’s not all bad I suppose, but still….


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