Lair of the Lunatic

by Jam Hirons





A Fighting Fantasy Amateur Adventure

Written by
James A. Hirons Copyright 2017

Lair Of The Lunatic is my first delve into creating an amateur adventure for submission online. It is loosely based on an idea I have for a much larger adventure with several elements changed and scaled down somewhat. The basic premise is to escape a rather strange house containing many dangers and items necessary to succeed in getting out. Filled with monsters, magic and plenty of strength sapping fights...can you escape the Lair Of The Lunatic?

Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all you need to embark on this thrilling adventure, which comes complete with it's own elaborate combat system and score sheet to record your progress. It is up to YOU to decide which paths to take, which dangers to risk and which foes to fight.


Over the years I have met many fellow fans in the Facebook Fighting Fantasy groups and would like to dedicate my first submission to all of them, with special acknowledgements to the other two thirds of the Demonic Three, Mark Lain and Steven Leicester. Also the Archmage himself and Beero creator James Aukett. Jason Archer of for plugging this. Enthusiastic designer Kevin Abbotts, and of course my new daughter baby Cassia Hirons. I hope you enjoy my first submission although it isn't the first I have written nor the longest, but should you partake in this adventure may your STAMINA never fail !

Jam x





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You are about to take the lead role in an adventure that will make you into a living legend, renowned and respected throughout the world. Before you take part in this quest, you must first determine your own strengths and weaknesses. You use dice to work out your initial SKILL, STAMINA, and LUCK scores. On page 8 is an Adventure Sheet, which you may use to record details of your adventure. On it, you will find boxes for recording your SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK scores. Write your scores on the Adventure Sheet in pencil so you can erase previous scores when you start again. You may make photocopies of the sheet for use in future adventures. Full details governing rules can be found in any of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks as well as on the Official website:

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To determine your Initial SKILL, STAMINA, and LUCK scores:

SKILL Roll one die. Add 6 to the number and enter this total in the SKILL box.

STAMINA Roll two dice. Add 12 to the number and enter this total in the

LUCK Roll one die. Add 6 to the number and enter this total in the LUCK box.

For reasons that will be explained below, all your scores will change constantly during the adventure. You must keep an accurate record of these scores, and for this reason, you are advised to write small in the boxes or to keep an eraser handy. However, never rub out your Initial scores, except on those very rare occasions when the text specifically tells you so.

Although you may be rewarded additional SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK points, these totals may never exceed your Initial scores, except on very rare occasions, when you will be instructed on a particular page. SKILL reflects your general expertise in fighting and combat; the higher the better. STAMINA score reflects your general constitution, your overall will to survive, your determination and overall fitness; the higher your STAMINA score, the longer you will be able to survive. LUCK score indicates how naturally lucky a person you are. Luck – and Magic – are facts of life in the fantasy world you are about to explore.

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During your adventure, you will often come across pages in the book which instruct you to fight a creature of some sort. An option to flee may be given, but if not – or if you choose to attack the creature anyway – you must resolve the battle as described below.

First, record the opponent’s SKILL and STAMINA scores in the first empty Encounter Box on your Adventure Sheet. The scores for each opponent or creature are given in the book each time you have an encounter. You should also make a note of any special abilities or instructions, which are unique to that particular opponent.

The sequence of combat is then: 1. Roll two dice for your opponent. Add its SKILL score. This total is the opponent’s Attack Strength. 2. Roll two dice for yourself. Add the number rolled to your current SKILL score. This total is your Attack Strength. 3. If your Attack Strength is higher than your opponent’s, you have wounded it. Proceed to step 4. If your opponent’s Attack Strength is higher than yours, it has wounded you. Proceed to step 5. If both Attack Strength totals are the same, you have avoided each other’s blows – start the next Attack Round from step 1 above. 4. You have wounded your opponent. Subtract 2 points from its STAMINA score. You may use LUCK here to do additional damage (see below). Proceed to step 6. 5. Your opponent has wounded you. Subtract 2 points from your STAMINA score. You may use LUCK to reduce the loss of STAMINA (see below). Proceed to step 6. 6. Make the appropriate adjustments to either your opponent’s or your own STAMINA scores (and your LUCK score if you used LUCK – see over). 7. Begin the next Attack Round, starting again at step 1 with your current SKILL score. This sequence continues until the STAMINA score of either you or your opponent reaches zero (death). If your opponent dies, you are free to continue with your adventure. If you die, your adventure ends and you must start all over again by creating a new character.


You may never Escape from a live combat situation. The evil within the house will not allow it!

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At various times during your adventure, either in battles, or when you come across other situations in which you could either be Lucky or Unlucky (details of these are given in the relevant pages themselves), you may use LUCK to make the outcome more favourable to you. However, beware! Using LUCK is a risky business and, if you are unlucky, the results could be disastrous. The procedure for Testing Your Luck is as follows: roll two dice. If the number rolled is less than or equal to your current LUCK score, you have been Lucky and the outcome will be in your favour. If the number rolled is higher than your current LUCK score, you have been Unlucky and you will be penalised. Each time you Test Your Luck, you must subtract 1 point from your current LUCK score. Thus, you will soon realise that, the more you rely on your LUCK, the more risky this procedure will become.

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In battles, you always have the option of using your LUCK either to score a more serious wound on an opponent you have just wounded or to minimise the effects of a wound you have just received.

If you have just wounded an opponent: you may Test Your Luck as described above. If you are Lucky, you have inflicted a severe wound; deduct an extra 2 points from your opponent’s STAMINA score. However, if you are Unlucky, your blow only scratches your opponent, and you deduct only 1 point from your opponent’s STAMINA (instead of scoring the normal 2 points of damage, you now only score 1).

If the opponent has wounded you: you may Test Your Luck to try to minimise the wound. If you are Lucky, your opponent’s blow only grazes you; deduct only 1 point from your STAMINA. If you are Unlucky, your wound is a serious one and you must deduct 1 extra STAMINA point (i.e. a total of 3 points from your own STAMINA). Remember: you must subtract 1 point from your LUCK score each time you Test Your Luck.

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Your SKILL score will not change much during the course of your adventure. Occasionally a paragraph may give you instructions to increase or decrease your SKILL score, but it may not exceed its Initial value unless you are specifically instructed to the contrary. Drinking the Potion of SKILL (see later) will restore your SKILL to its Initial level at any time; except when engaged in a battle.

Additions to your LUCK score may be awarded in the adventure when you have been particularly lucky or created your own luck by some other action. Details are given, where appropriate, in the paragraphs of the book. Remember that, as with SKILL and STAMINA, your LUCK score may never exceed its Initial value unless specifically instructed on a page. Drinking the Potion of Fortune (see later) will restore your LUCK to its Initial level at any time, and increase your Initial LUCK by 1 point.

Everyone knows that food is vital as a form of sustenance. Any time you eat a meal, you may restore lost STAMINA points, except during combat or when performing any other similar action. You begin this adventure with NO provisions and will be told in the text how much STAMINA you may restore.

You will start your adventure with no equipment, but you may find or buy other items during your travels. You have pockets to hold any other items you may come across.

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You stink of fish and alcohol. Well that's what comes of being one of Captain Deadeye's elite trawlers docking in Port Blacksand. It's been a long night and day. First netting your impressive catch along the Skull Coast, then unloading it until mid afternoon for the traders to come and fight over. The Captain paid well at 10 gold pieces and after a hearty meal and a skin or five of ale at The Hog And Frog tavern you go for a stroll to help settle your belly before returning to your vessel, The Riptide.

You find yourself walking along Tree Lane and decide to go for a stroll in the public gardens. Despite it looking quite tranquil here the citizens of Blacksand can still be heard shouting and bickering at each other. You rest up on a bench and watch the sky turning a peachy colour as the sun gets lower in the heavens. A sparrow swoops by and lands upon a small statue of an archer. It eyes you inquisitively and whistles a happy tune. You close your eyes and draw in a deep breath of air... CLONK!

You are knocked unconscious, Turn to 1


You wake up and rub your head. As your eyes adjust you discover you are lying on a bed in just your undergarments in a room with stylish but rather old wooden panelling. The room is moderately lit by wall mounted candles, just like you are familiar with in pubs. You glance around the room but aside from the bedside table nothing else appears to be here. Not even your clothes! On said table, is a posey of flowers. You recognise them as forget-me-nots. There is a small piece of paper which simply bears the name 'Annie'.

Would you like to try the door? Turn to 44
Or search the room more? 72


The moment you enter the door slams shut making you jump. Ahead of you is a commode. You don't need to use it right now but as you draw closer to it a slurping noise makes you cast your head left. There in a bath tub sat in gallons of gooey mucous is the large figure and trunk-like protuberance of a hideous MUCALYTIC. You must fight this revolting horror despite how bad it smells.


If it wins three attacks in a row, it seizes you and draws you towards its mouth, poisoning you with deadly breath. Your adventure ends here. If you win, turn to 98


As you approach the Boxroom door, a familiar voice mocks, “And where do you think you are going?”
You spin round and can't believe your eyes as there before you is you! More correctly, your reflection which is no longer in the mirror...and no longer mirroring you. It draws its sword and advances. You must fight yourself!


If you win, your image is sucked back into the mirror. You hasten to the Boxroom door and discover it is now open. Odd? Turn to 45


The ugly old Hag grimaces at you squarely. She has hexed you with the Evil Eye. Lose two SKILL points and turn to 35


The Pathogenoid drops to the ground dead, with clear liquid seeping from its wounds.

Would you like to search the cupboard? Turn to 32
Or try elsewhere? Turn to 10


The door is locked. Do you have a key on a chain? If so, turn to the corresponding number. If not you can return to the Hall by turning to 10, or try the West door (if you haven't already) turn to 60


You must have iron concentration. You have discovered a Mesmertron. A device that can send you off into a trance while it plays melodious music and displays its hypnotic light show. Turn to 10 and search elsewhere.


It's only as your weapon explodes and obliterates your foe you realise you have made a deadly mistake. You are in a room filled to the ceiling with combustible material such as books, scrolls and pictures. Not to mention other areas of the house being covered in wooden panels and floor boards. You race back to the hall and desperately hammer on the door with your fists. Smoke engulfs the entire building and you drop to the floor listening to others in the house screaming in panic as your lungs grow heavy and you die of asphyxiation. Still, at least your cremation will be free...


You unstopper the blue piggy bank. Inside you find a pendant with a small lodestone hanging on it, etched with a number 3. Two gold pieces also pleasingly drop out. Would you now like to try the pink piggy bank? Turn to 31. The chocolate? Turn to 50. The marshmallow? Turn to 61, or return to the Landing? Turn to 79


Excellent. You now find yourself standing in a hallway. The Lounge door is now locked. The front door in front of you and to your left is locked and similarly there are no windows around here. The bottom of the staircase opposite you is blocked with all sorts of furniture, bones and blood spatters adorn the wooden panelling all around. There is a cupboard under the stairs. A door to the right of this says Bathroom. Down the bottom of the corridor is a door marked Dining Room, and where the corridor veers off right there is a door at the end signed Store.

You may only visit each room once. There is no going back unless it allows you in the text. Where will you go?

Cupboard, turn to 23
Bathroom turn to 2
Dining Room turn to 71
Store turn to 91


Unfortunately you must test your LUCK again. If you are Lucky, turn to 64. If not, turn to 37


You was unfortunately standing too close to these wriggling nightmares. You stumble backwards as many hit you and several disappear into your clothing. They nip as they begin to burrow into your skin. Roll one die three times. This is how many STAMINA points you must lose as you try desperately to wrench the Flesh Grubs off before they disappear into your flesh and kill you from within.
If you manage to survive this, you crush all the horrid things underfoot. You may now search the drawers, turn to 95. Under the bed, turn to 41. Or return to the Landing, turn to 67


As you admire the plant something makes you jump. The huge tendril of the Giant Pitcher Plant lashes out and takes hold of your left leg. You begin to feel as the tendril starts dragging you towards the plant. Even juvenile plants have been know to take humans. You must lose two SKILL for this fight only, and turn to 49 to attack.


The Ghoul slumps to the ground. As you look at your felled victim you notice a message cut into the skin on its back. It reads, 66 at 180º . You memorise this and search the room, Turn to 81


It is a warming drink but you feel no other effect. Add 2 STAMINA. Your attention turns to the portraits by the door of three young girls. Each has a button underneath their frames. Which will you press?

Shelley, turn to 88
Rachael, turn to 40
Annie, turn to 10


You skim through a few of the books but find nothing relevant. They are largely just story books. The only thing you can focus on is getting out of this place. However the rest has allowed you to catch your breath. You may add 2 STAMINA points. Will you:

Examine the plant? Turn to 13
Or return to the Hall? Turn to 10


You try the door and enter into another Bedroom. It is a little nicer than the one you woke up in. It has a tall wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and of course a nicely made bed. Would you like to search the room? Turn to 28 or return to the Landing? Turn to 67


Test your LUCK. If you are lucky turn to 64, If you are unlucky, turn to 11


The Tigers Eye gemstone set into the ring is a natural defence against the Evil Eye hex the old Hag is trying to curse you with. In frustration she grabs a dagger from her robes and charges at you screeching like a woman possessed. Turn to 35


You throw the bottle uncorked into the vase-like maw of the Giant Pitcher and within a few moments the tendril lets go. It begins to whip around, hitting things as it does, and the red- veined body of the plant begins to get darker and blacken. The leaves lower to the ground limply and turn an ashen grey colour. You watch in fascination as the plant slowly shrivels into dead matter and the tendril becomes inanimate. Turn to 59


You must fight this shambling fungal beast.


If you win, turn to 5. If you lose, your lifeless body will not go to waste as you nourish the beast and new Pathogenoids grow from your body tissue.


You step towards the door and startle at your reflection as you pass by a large mirror on the wall. Smiling, you reach out for the Boxroom door handle. Do you have a Lodestone pendant? If so, turn to the corresponding number. If not, you discover the door is locked. Explore elsewhere, turn to 67


You hear something behind the door rummaging about but you cannot make out what it is. Do you wish to open the cupboard, turn to 38 or will you search elsewhere, turn to 10


You awaken to discover yourself bound and gagged on a large wooden table in the kitchen. There are bloodstains all around but none of them are yours, but judging by the old Hag sharpening a meat cleaver grinning at you through an almost toothless mouth there soon will be. You adventure ends here.


You see on a short table there is a plate with a small amount of grapes and cheese on it. You hastily gobble this down without much thought. Restore 2 STAMINA points. There is also a half glass of wine. A survey of the room shows a locked door with three portraits of little girls next to it. Each has the girl's name on. Shelley, Rachael and Annie. Each has a button to press and you are certain that is your way ahead. Will you:

Drink the wine? Turn to 15
Press the Shelley button? Turn to 88
Press the Rachael button? Turn to 40
Press the Annie button? Turn to 10


Test your LUCK. If you are lucky, go to 85. If you are unlucky go to 43


You suddenly realise you are standing next to a GIANT PITCHER PLANT. It is a juvenile compared to how big they grow in the wild but still plenty large enough to take you on as a meal. You spring back, turn to 49


Where would you like to search?

The wardrobe, turn to 36
The chest of drawers, turn to 95
Or the bed, turn to 41

Of course you may return to the landing if you have other rooms to search? Turn to 79


There he is. The LUNATIC that brought you to this place. What devious end did he have in store for you? Or were you just going to be food for his hungry pets? He looks at you through crazed wide eyes, wearing a visor-less knight's helmet to protect his head from knocks like the one he gave you in the public gardens. He yells and charges towards you with tendrils of dribble hanging from his mouth and a vicious-looking cosh in one hand, his bloodstained leather apron the only thing hiding his dignity. As he has no fear and cannot feel pain, he will be much tougher than your average Blacksander...


If you win, turn to 96


You must reduce 2 STAMINA because of the toxins, but because of the wine you drank, the spores die off without taking a deadly effect. Turn to 21 and fight!


You unstopper the pink piggy bank and a jet of purple smoke blasts out. You drop to the ground and lose consciousness. The last thing you hear is a door hinge creaking and laughter. Turn to 1.


You search the Store room thoroughly. It's full of boxes of old clothes and even some cleaning equipment but your attention is drawn to a small wooden trunk. Inside you find what appears to be a child's clockwork toy. Turn to 52


Do you have any weedkiller? If so, you will know which number to turn to now. If you do not have the weedkiller, turn to 75


You take the pot off the boil and as the bubbling foam simmers down you discover a human head bobbing in the water. The sight turns your stomach. Lose 1 STAMINA. Now, if you haven't already will you :

Read the recipe? Turn to 76
Examine the crate? Turn to 93
Leave for the Dining room? Turn to 42


Despite her age the Hag is a strong opponent. You suspect magic in use. You must fight her.


If you win, turn to 51. If not, at least the house will not go without meat for a couple of nights...your adventure ends here.


As you draw closer to the wardrobe, you notice a smell that seems to emanate from it like stale sweat. Do you wish to open it? Turn to 84. Or try the drawers? Turn to 95. Or search around the bed? Turn to 41


Test your LUCK. If you are lucky turn to 64, if you are unlucky turn to 18


As you open the door you take a few steps back fast. Two large DEATH DOGS come bounding out and creep towards you snarling with a rabid stare. You have no choice but to defend yourself against these four-legged fiends. Fight one then the other each round.



If you win, turn to 55. If not you die of your injuries on the wooden floor.


You hurl the Fire Orb towards the villainous vegetation. Turn to 8


You press the button and the floor panel beneath your feet drops limp on a hinge. You plummet several meters into a spiked pit. You are impaled several times and your last vision of life is watching the light to darkness as the trapdoor resets to the sound of mocking laughter.


You withdraw an object from underneath the bed. It turns out to be a chamber pot which you immediately drop and back away from as a snake springs out from it. Though not highly poisonous, if it bites you enough times you are going down permanently.


If you survive, you may search the drawers, turn to 95 or the wardrobe, turn to 36 or return to the landing if you have already checked these, turn to 67


Returning to the Dining room, you see a hag scanning the table. “Who's eaten my meat pie?” she screams in frustration then turns to look at you. Whether it was you or not she sees several meals in you alone and her piercing eyes meet yours. Do you have a Tiger Eye ring? If so turn to 19. If not, turn to 4.


Unfortunately there is too much smoke and you succumb to the inhalation of it as the oxygen depletes. Your adventure ends here.


You open your bedroom door. It has Guest Bedroom etched on to it. You already assume you are upstairs and scan the landing, with its blood- spattered wooden panels well lit by oil lamps along the walls. The left has three doors along it plus what looks like the top of a stairwell. Would you like to try the door ahead, turn to 22 or explore left, turn to 67


At the back of the Boxroom you find a rope that hangs from a fixture in the ceiling and dangles down a hole in the floor. This must be your way ahead, what with the stairs being blocked. You grip the rope and begin to climb down. It gets darker and darker but your feet touch ground after a few moments. It's pitch black here and you fumble around, eventually finding a way opening up into a lounge. It turns out to be a large portrait that swings out on a hinge into this secret area. Anyway, you crawl through the opening and set the portrait back. Turn to 25


The LUNATIC trudges towards you. Will you

Attack with your weapon? Turn to 29
Use the Mesmertron if you have it? Turn to 69 Use the Fire Orb if you have it? Turn to 90


The ground opens up under your feet and you fall into a large vat of strong acid. Your death is excruciating.


The occupant of the bed rolls over to face you and you scream out as the rotting face of a GHOUL stares back at you. Also you got too close. It gets a free hit on you with its infectious fingernails. Lose 2 STAMINA and to turn to 89 to fight the hideous undead creature. Remember it only needs to hit you twice now rather than three times stated in the next reference.


How will you fight this voracious vegetable?

Attack with your knife? Turn to 75
Use a Fire Orb if you have one? Turn to 39 Or try something else, turn to 33


The chocolate is delicious and finest quality. You may restore up to 3 lost STAMINA points. Now providing you haven't already would you like to try the Marshmallow? Turn to 61, check the pink piggy bank? Turn to 31 or the blue piggy bank? Turn to 9 Or you could just return to the landing? Turn to 79


You retrieve your blade from the Hag's corpse. Will you search the body? Turn to 68 or try the East door? turn to 6 or return to the Hall? Turn to 10


You wind up the toy and an enchanting little tune begins to play. A light glows from within the contraption sending all sorts of different colours gracefully around the dimly lit area. Test your LUCK. If you are lucky turn to 7. If you are unlucky turn to 87.


You fall to the ground dead and the Ghoul starts to feed. If it leaves enough of you the next person to visit this room will find two Ghouls rather than one!


Elation fills your body as the key turns. Turn to 100


Do you wish to search the cupboard? Turn to 70, or try somewhere else you haven't been? Turn to 10


You uncork the vial and drink the liquid. Slowly you become very relaxed and the room starts spinning. Sleeping draught!

You do not know how long you have been asleep when you wake up...tied to a chair and gagged. Any amount of torture equipment and surgical instruments are on a table in front of you. A figure the other side of the room appears to be sharpening your own knife on a rasp. He wears nothing save for a studded helmet and a bloodstained leather apron. He steps towards you with bulging mad eyes. “Evening sleepyhead!” he smiles maniacally dancing with your knife, “Right then, pans to the left of me, stokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you!”...your adventure ends here.


You think it's pork but are not too sure. Restore 3 STAMINA. Now to try somewhere you haven't been.

To try another door in the Hall, turn to 10
To try the West door in this room, turn to 60
To try the East door in this room, turn to 6


You enter this bedroom which is really rather pleasant. The door shuts behind you and you hear a click. Trying the handle you appear to be locked in now. You sigh and turn round. You notice now there is actually a figure in the bed! Will you announce yourself and apologise? Turn to 77 or look closer at the sleeping figure? Turn to 48


With the plant little more than toxic compost, you approach closer and are able to spot a little shelf behind it. You are further delighted to see that the small object on the shelf is a key with a papery tag on it which reads 'SPARE FRONT DOOR'. Turn to 86


This is the Kitchen, and there is some activity going on. Over on a stove a pan boils away as a column of steam rises up the ceiling. There is a large crate with the lid off over the left hand side of the sink, and the Kitchen table appears to have a human leg and a recipe next to it. Would you like to:

Read the recipe? Turn to 76
See what is in the pot? Turn to 34
Investigate the crate? Turn to 93
Or leave the Kitchen? Turn to 42


The marshmallows have been coated in a horrible poison. You must lose 5 STAMINA as the contents of your stomach hit the floor. Now if you haven't already you can either eat the chocolate? Turn to 50. Open the pink piggy bank? Turn to 31. Open the blue piggy bank? Turn to 9. Or return to the Landing? Turn to 79


Turn to 83


You inhale hundreds of tiny spores that grapple in your lungs. Breathing starts to become restricted and your temperature begins to soar. The Pathogenoids lumbers towards you, and you fall to the ground clutching your throat as your face goes bright red. Several stings on the creature's lower body press into your skin. You are going nowhere. As it feeds from your blood, blotches break out over your skin painfully. Gradually you will become more Pathogenoids... your adventure ends here.


Turn to 10


The Lunatic stops in his tracks. As the music starts to play and the pretty dancing lights spin around the room. The menace from his face disappears altogether and a smile breaks out on his lips. You do not hesitate in dispatching this dreadful person for your own protection. Turn to 96


The key doesn't turn and when you try to force it you feel an electric shock that sends you reeling backwards and you pass out on the floor. Test your LUCK. If you are lucky turn to 83. If you are unlucky turn to 24


You discover that unfortunately the staircase is blocked by all manner of junk. There is no way you can get down. You spin around. Assuming you haven't already, you can either:

Try the door facing you? Turn to 17
The door along the Landing on the right? Turn to 58
The door along the Landing on the left? Turn to 92
Or try the Box room? Turn to 22


You rummage through the Hag's pockets and discover a vial of liquid, and a Fire Orb. You have heard of these Fire Orbs, they explode when thrown in an eruption of flame. Unfortunately one of her pockets also had a spider in it that sinks its fangs into your hand. Lose 3 STAMINA as you watch it scurry away. Do you wish to drink the liquid? Turn to 56, or try the East door? Turn to 6, or return to the hall and search somewhere you haven't been yet? Turn to 10


You brandish the Mesmertron and wind it up a little. Test your LUCK. If you are lucky turn to 65, if you are unlucky turn to 87


You appear to have found a bottle of weedkiller for all of your efforts. It is labelled Weedbuster20. Shrugging you step back into the Hall to assess your next move. Turn to 10


The Dining room is quite pleasant, and one space at the table has been set with a nice looking crusty pie. It smells quite like bacon in here so it's fresh as far as you can make out. Do you wish to;

Eat the pie? Turn to 57
Try the East door? Turn to 6
Try the West door? Turn to 60
Or return to the Hall? Turn to 10


Searching under your bed you find a bag with one meal in it, a bottle of water, and a large kitchen knife. You decide to take all of this but where on Titan are your clothes? You get up and head for the door. Turn to 44


The Lunatic took quite a bit of damage when the Fire Orb exploded. Alas, it was not the wisest of moves as you have set the building alight. You must battle the Lunatic amongst the flames.


If you win, turn to 26. If not the Lunatic stands over your lifeless body howling with laughter...


The floor below you opens up and you fall several meters down into a vat of powerful acid. Your death is excruciating and as you reach out of the vat you feel your skin falling away from your hands and arms. Nobody will ever find your remains.


The Pitcher is tough even for a juvenile plant. You start to hack away at the tendril,


If you win, turn to 59. If not you are dragged into the plant's vase-like body and it seals up tight. Your defeat in the fight has spared you a death by suffocation or digestion.


The recipe is for a meat pie. If you have eaten one in the Dining room you must lose 2 STAMINA points as you vomit everything up again in revulsion. If you haven't already done so you may:

See what is cooking in the pot, turn to 34
Peer into the crate, turn to 93
Or leave the room, turn to 42


As the figure rises from the bed your heart sinks and fear grips you. Shambling toward you is a human figure in in a state of semi -decomposition, but this is no Zombie, this is a GHOUL. Although its digestive tract seems largely absent, it still wants to make a meal of you. Turn to 89


'Click'...the key turns and relief fills your every fibre. Turn to 100


As you spin round to step towards the door you shudder in fright. A pair of childrens night gowns are barring your exit and mischievous giggles fill the air. You cannot help feeling there is a little POLTERGEIST activity going on around here. To get out of this room you need to throw two successful ATTACK STRENGTH rolls in succession, at any time you fail you are struck by one of the few objects that start flying around the room and must deduct 1 STAMINA point. You cannot harm this creature.

That's 2 Successful Attack Rounds in succession! You may escape!That's 1 Attack Round...
If you make it out alive, turn to 67


The key fits the lock perfectly and the door swings open. You step through and find yourself in a very nice study area. Books adorn the shelves on each and every wall. There is also an odd-looking plant in one corner of the room, and a cosy chair. Would you like to check out the books? Turn to 16. Or examine the odd plant? Turn to 94


On the dressing table you see two keys. Hammered into each is a number. One has 66 on it, the other has 99. Which key will you choose to try on the door. Turn to the corresponding number.


Icky! On the left hand of the body you find a gold ring inset with a Tigers Eye gemstone. You feel he has no need for it now and you place it on your own finger. It fits. Now if you haven't already done so you may choose an option below.

Examine the pot, turn to 34
Read the recipe, turn to 76
Leave the Kitchen, turn to 42


When you awaken, you find yourself in a Hallway. Turn to 10


You swing open the doors of the wardrobe only to discover it is filled to the brim with FLESH GRUBS! Who on Titan would do such a thing?
Test your LUCK. If you are lucky turn to 97. If you are unlucky, turn to 12


The Hall is filling with smoke fast and the heat intensifies as the flames climb higher engulfing the wall panels. The door lock also has a button on it. Will you:

Press the button then use the key? Turn to 54
Or, turn the key and then press the button? Turn to 74


You waste no time at all in racing to the front door but as you reach it there is a loud thud behind you. You spin around. From a hole in the ceiling the very person who kidnapped you has jumped down to accost you. The LUNATIC. He grimaces wild-eyed as he pats his cosh in his hand. You must think fast. Turn to 46


You slowly forget all of your cares and thoughts as this little device mesmerises you. Transfixed as you are, eventually one of the house's denizens catches up with you before the tranquil music and hypnotic lights finish playing. Your adventure ends here.


As you press the button a trapdoor in the ceiling above gives way to a large column of stone that falls down directly on top of you. The mess is horrendous. Your adventure ends here.


The Ghoul reaches out for you. The smell is revolting and pus oozes through openings in its rotting body. If the Ghoul hits you three times during the fight turn at once to 53.


Turn to 53
If you win, turn to 14


You fling the Fire Orb at the feet of the Lunatic and as the glass ball shatters the Hall around him is engulfed in a ball of flame. He yells out in confusion and bounds forward. Turn to 73


As you open the Store door you get a nasty surprise and step back in horror. There stood before you is a lump of fungal matter, beige and pink in colour. It slowly begins to trundle toward you. It is a PATHOGENOID, and you are an ideal source of organic matter for its spores to grow on. A patch near the top of the Pathogenoid opens up and a jet of spores fly out towards your face. Did you drink any wine earlier? If so turn to 30. If not, turn to 63


You find that this room is a nursery for children. It contains two beds with a bedside table at each. One appears to have chocolate on it, and the other has marshmallows. On a shelf you see a pink piggy bank and a blue piggy bank and several toys are dotted around on the floor. Would you like to:

Eat the chocolate? Turn to 50
Eat the marshmallows? Turn to 61
Open the pink piggy bank? Turn to 31
Open the blue piggy bank? Turn to 9
Or return to the Landing? Turn to 79


The only content of the crate isn't very pleasant although you have seen worse. Inside you see a decapitated male body which is also missing a leg. Do you wish to search the body? Turn to 82. Alternatively if you haven't already done so you can also see what is in the pot, turn to 34. Read the recipe, turn to 76. Or leave the Kitchen altogether, turn to 42


You wonder how this plant is looking so vibrant in a candlelit room with no windows as it cannot get any sunlight. Test your LUCK. If you are lucky turn to 27, if you are unlucky turn to 13


The top two drawers do not contain anything other than fresh bedding, but to your satisfaction the lower drawer contains your clothing which you waste no time in putting back on. You are somewhat disturbed by a note beneath them on which is scrawled in shaky handwriting the words, 'TIME TO PLAY'. You may now either:

Check the wardrobe, turn to 36
Search the bed, turn to 41
Or return to the Landing, turn to 67


The Lunatic falls down dead at your feet. You have saved Port Blacksand from a mass serial killer, not that there is any shortage of them in Allansia but you may add 2 LUCK points. You discover the front door lock also has a button. Would you like to press the button and then use the key? Turn to 78. Or alternatively you could use the key then press the button? Turn to 47


You dodge most of the pesky creepy crawlies but you must roll one die and lose that many points of STAMINA, removing the ones that did start biting into you. If you have not already done so you may search the bed, turn to 41, or the drawers, turn to 95. You may also return to the Landing and explore elsewhere, turn to 67


You search the Bathroom and find a small healing balm that will restore 4 STAMINA when it is used. You can do this at any time except during combat, and there is only enough for one use. You also find a key on a chain which is labelled '80' and you also pocket that. You return to the Hall, turn to 10


Thankfully the key turns in the lock and you step into the Landing. Turn to 67


You race out of the house and into the cold night air and do not stop until you are out of the street. You draw a deep intake of oxygen and slow down to a walk as you see a couple of Lord Azzur's night patrol arresting some footpads. For you, freedom has never felt so good on a night you were convinced you were going to end up dead. You manage to make it safely back to The Riptide where you retire to your bedding and sink a helping of rum to calm your nerves. Most of the crew are already snoring their heads off, something that usually keeps you awake. But tonight you are exhausted, and you fall safely asleep ready to live another day.