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Mostly these will be robbed from the Facebook group: ‘Fighting Fantasy (and other gamebooks)‘. I will not bother to categorise or write any review and simply place a link here to a site or page that is relevant to gamebooks that you would probably not encounter via Google or any other search. One day I may categorise/summarise for you but don’t hold your breath.

Beyond Fighting Fantasy (and other gamebooks) – run by me ( a Facebook group dedicated to all things gamebookish and RPG’ey.

Sense Your Fate: The Prisoner – a YouTube interactive advetnure

The Gamebook Authoring Tool

A Mugs Gamebook – don’t enjoy this podcast? Kindly forget you ever heard about gamebooks and never trouble me again.

Branching Narrative – Buy this. See above comment.

Gamebook Authors Guild – Facebook Group dedicated to encouraging and developing authors in the Gamebook world. – Another Facebook group dedicated to interactive fiction and gamebooks – It’s F.E.D.U.P. Day in the kingdom and parents everywhere are thrilled that they can Finally Evict their Useless Deadweight Progeny. That’s you. But don’t feel too bad. You might have all the strength, magic and charisma of a soggy sandwich, but you know something that no one else knows: the kingdom is destined for disaster. Witnessing this daily countdown to your tragic demise is the only dampener on what is otherwise a delightful week in a picturesque fairy tale kingdom. Do you go adventuring on a pirate ship, explore twisting caves, or brave the Darker Scarier Woods? Or if that’s too fun, you could head over to the library to brush up on your spells. But look out! No matter what you choose, some weird and wacky adventure awaits. How will you react? And after a week of facing unpredictable predicaments in dozens of destinations, will you be ready to save the kingdom from catastrophe?

Probably not. But with over 100 hilarious endings and a unique narrative system that changes the story every time you play, you will be sure to enjoy trying again and again. – A small selection of online gamebooks. – Mostly written/blogged on by Dave Morris (various gamebooks including Gold Dragon series, Virtual Reality series, the new Vulcanverse and of course, Fabled Lands), very in depth and highly thoughtful articles, one of the few blogs I actually DO read from time to time in all honesty (well, you have to do a lot of things when you’re a part-time president of the gamebook-verse).

Straight outta Blacksand

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