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For years readers have been enchanted by the literary storm that swept through the 80s. Perhaps you remember finding Armies of Death in the library and wondering what it was? With curiosity, you cracked open the book and found a grim world full of orcs, demons, and evil overlords and found that with the help of 6 sided dice, you have become the hero?
Since Fighting Fantasy many fans have written amateur adventures for fun and published some of their very own. Once all the Lone Wolf, Choose Your Own Adventure, and Fighting Fantasy gamebooks were won over, you looked for games ranging in all genres from horror, romance, erotica, parodies, comedy, historical, and fantasy. This is where the start of amateur adventures begin and websites dedicated to them begin.
Recently, has started up a new community with categories in gamebook topics. We are looking forward to updates on any new stuff from YOU – the writers and the readers. The forum is here for all ages to join and it’s FREE. Come down, have a pint, and talk with old friends and new friends.

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