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New Tag Attributes

The <tt> family of links (<tt>, <tti> and <rtt>) have been significantly updated with new attributes and an alteration to the enforce attribute. Please see the reference for details, also note there is a new @argv data array for SEL making the current reference available to SEL code, see SEL Variables and constants for details.

Reverting User Accounts

I am reverting all user account files to the 13th Oct, following a botched attempt to update all legacy files to utf-8. If you have any work since then you want restored I am keeping a backup of data as of today so will be able to restore any work that you may lose from the interim period (13th to 22nd). Please mail me or reply to this blog post.

Major Surgery

I am currently expanding the functionality of the tt tag, as a result the play system will be very unstable for a while as I implement this change. I will reply to this News Article once the system is stable again. Those in the middle of playing an adventure prior to this notice will find that the links do not work, and will have to select ‘Abandon Adventure’ and start again.

Unicode sorted

The UTF 8 Charset characters are now accepted in the editors correctly. There may still be many instances in existing hosted adventures of botched characters though. And don’t even mention the proprietary Microsoft smartquotes to me (though they should be handled too, just… grrrr)

Floating Point error…

I have fixed a fundamental problem with the SEL interpreter which somehow escaped my notice until now, that being that floating point numbers were not handled in most cases!  How this escaped my attention is beyond me, however it is fixed now.  There may still be issues regarding this that I am unaware of, please let me know if you discover them.