Gates of Death – A Long Expected Party?

A final decision has been made it would seem by a much esteemed member of the FF community Mark Lain (cba to write you an internal link we got menus): Overall – may well disappoint those expecting something written in the 80’s – for a new generation – who knows? Read between the lines I would advise – this is a stonker of a review and much emphasis has been placed on Higsons succesful and generous use of ‘looping’ in a gamebook – this is NO MEAN FEAT I can assure you as someone who has coded up these adventures repeatedly. ! or 2 loops may be found in many gamebooks – but – actually making use of the many loops essential??? Mindblowing. Niiiiiiiiice. There are other major head re-aligning concepts I am gagging to tell you that are required to complete the gamebook, but you may not want spoilers. Read at leisure in a Port of Your Own Peril 🙂

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