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News about developments at Project Aon home of the Lone Wolf novels online

Project Aon Publishes Lone Wolf #26

For centuries the Shom’zaa has lain incarcerated and forgotten in a granite prison located deep below the mountains of Bor. Now this terrifying beast has accidentally been set free, and its hunger for vengeance knows no bounds. With a horde of vile minions at its command, swiftly the Shom’zaa enacts its sinister plan to destroy King Ryvin and the wondrous realm of the Drodarin dwarves.

In The Fall of Blood Mountain, you must journey to the fabulous subterranean kingdom of the dwarves and attempt to save your ancient allies from the wrath of the Shom’zaa. Will you succeed in your mission or will you succumb to the terrible powers of this ancient champion of Evil?

This is our first new book published in almost two years! We’ll try to avoid taking so long next time around. It is currently available in eight different formats: full, simplified, simplified with illustrations (all HTML), epub, mobi, fb2, pdb, and lrf. This follows on from last year’s mammoth re-release of all the books, implementing over 1000 fixes across the board. Hopefully, the next books won’t be so long in coming.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

New official gamebooks video available

Gallimard Publishing and Le Grimoire Publishing have published Fighting Fantasy (as Bloodbones) & Lone Wolf gamebooks in the french language. 75.000 copies where sold in 2 months. A video is available here :

The french version of “Night of the Necromancer” by Jonathan Green will be availlable in November 2012 !

Gallimard/Le Grimoire Publishing

Lone Wolf 1-5 Revised

Calling all Kai Masters!

Hot off the presses at Project Aon comes the news that all five of the original “Kai” series have been extensively revised and re-released this weekend. Each of the books is now available in the original multi-page version, the single-page simplified version, and the single-page with illustrations edition, and each format can either be read online or downloaded for offline use.

These editions may be read or downloaded from the Books page of the Project Aon website. Direct links to the main page for each book are as follows:

1. Flight from the Dark

2. Fire on the Water

3. The Caverns of Kalte

4. The Chasm of Doom

5. Shadow on the Sand

Hopefully there will be more re-releases to come over the next few weeks before we tackle the remaining three New Order books.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

S. P. Osborne
Project Aon

Lone Wolf Club Newsletters

Greetings all

The Webmaster has asked me to post announcements here regarding releases on the Lone Wolf-centric Project Aon website, probably already well known to many gamebook fans. So here’s the first one for 2012:

Following hot on the heels of the discovery of all the missing pages comes one final release for the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters: A complete archive of all thirty-seven Newsletters in one PDF file.


The benefits of this all-in-one document are:

  • One download instead of thirty-seven
  • Only one Title Page and one Project Aon License means reduction of over 100 pages
  • Much-reduced download-size–29Mb vs. thirty-seven files amounting to 41.3Mb
  • Each individual Newsletter is Bookmarked for convenience
  • Easy to search for specific information
  • Newsletters provided in the correct release order; no more wondering where the Specials fit in!

The idea of releasing the Lone Wolf Club Newsletters was mooted back in February 2003. We assumed that it would be a fairly straightforward job of scanning and releasing a few pages. How wrong we were.

It has taken the last nine years to bring this project to completion. About two years ago, when there were still twenty pages missing from our files, we thought it unlikely that we would ever complete this work. And yet, here we are in 2012, with all 431 pages recreated with improved fonts and layout, but containing all the original information sans typos. Perhaps this bodes well for other Lone Wolf-related projects to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion sometime this year!

We certainly hope this complete resource will be of interest to fellow Lone Wolf fans everywhere. So, whether you are a long-time fan of the series, or a new convert, please join us in cheering the successful completion of a tough assignment: “For Sommerlund and the Kai!”