Changes for writers

Have implemented a bunch of changes for adventure writers, mostly directed at xml conversion please check the forum Development News for full list of changes.  And I apologise for any hiccups that may have been experienced today and recently generally using the system – I haven’t implemented a testbed yet so any mistakes I make are generally ‘live’.  Let me know if there are any errors/discrepancies you are encountering that I don’t know about.

Long overdue Documentation

Well I’ve finally made a stab at actually documenting the Hosted SEL libraries, hopefully it is now a bit clearer how to go about doing some of the complex stuff involved in gamebook making here.  Any suggestions for other documentation let me know (I do hope to do an ‘Idiots Guide’ at some point for the basic stuff).

The PaperDoll Library while technically documented still needs a general usage guide as it’s not self-evident how to use it.

Straight outta Blacksand

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